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Plates, Forks, Knives, Napkins, Serving Utensils, Sterno Rack And Heat Included.

French Bread And Butter Or Garlic Bread, Salad Dressing, Parmesan Cheese, Butter, Salt & Pepper, Everything You Need For The Meal Is Included.

Frequently Ordered Menu Items

Minimum 20 people


Per Person

Spaghetti, Meatballs, Italian Chef Salad, Garlic Bread


Per Person

Cheese tortellini, Meatballs, House Salad, Garlic Bread, Cookies


Per Person

Seafood Linguini(Tutto Mare) , Mostaccioli, Bruschetta, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread


Per Person

Mostaccioli, Baked Chicken, Caesar Salad & Garlic Bread


Per Person

Roasted Beef, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Corn or Green Beans,Bread and Butter


Per Person

BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Corn, Baked Beans, Bread and Butter


Pick a Pasta, Meat & a Salad starting at

$7.95 per person.

Each * indicates extra one dollar per person

Pick your Pasta

Spaghetti, Mostaccioli, Linguini, Baked Mostaccioli, *Meat Tortellini, *Cheese Tortellini, *Fettuccini Alfredo , *Broccoli Alfredo, **Chicken Alfredo, ***Shrimp Alfredo, **Linguini Shrimp, **Linguini Clams.

Pick your Meat

Italian Meatballs, Italian Sausage, *Roasted Beef, *Italian Beef, *BBQ Beef, Baked Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Sausage Onions & Peppers, *Chicken Breast, *Chicken Parmesan, **BBQ Ribs.

Pick your Salad

Caesar Salad , *Italian Chef Salad, Garden Salad, Cold Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw

Pick your Side Dish

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Potatoes Au Gratin, Roasted Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Corn, Green Beans, Baked Beans, Broccolli.

Our customer also add these additional items

Pick your Appetizer

Toasted Ravioli, Cheese & Cracker Tray, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Mini Italian Meatballs, Mini Italian Sausages, Vegetable & Dip Tray, Antipasti Tray, Bruschetta, Fruit Bowl, *Deli Meats & Cheese Tray, *Hot Wings , *Fresh Fruit Tray, **Shrimp Cocktail

Pick your Desserts

Cheese Cake, Cookies, Brownies

Each * indicates extra one dollar per person

Pizza Bundles

Classic Pizza Bundle - Serves 10-12

$ 79.99

4 Large single topping Pizzas , House Salad and bottled sodas

Deluxe Pizza Bundle - Serves 18-20

$ 139.99

6 Large single topping Pizzas , Toasted Ravioli , House Salad and bottled soda.

Ultimate Pizza Bundle - Serves 24-30

$ 229.99

8 Large single topping Pizzas , Toasted Ravioli, House Salad, Garlic Bread , Chocolate Chip Cookies and 2 litre soda(3 bottles).

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Your food is always a big hit. We received wonderful portion and had plenty of leftovers. It is such a good value for a reasonable price. Look forward in using your company in future.

– Mr. J Nelson

Central Middle School Staff

Thanks you for fantastic dinner provided for our wedding last friday night. You made several calls to make it stress free. Everyone that attended was impressed with the quality and quantity of food you provided. If anyone that I know ever needs caterer then I would recommend Adamos. Many Thanks.

– Laurie & Greg Brandon


Adamos employees were prompt with delivery of food. The food was delivered hot and ready to go. The portions were plenty and enough left overs. I cannot thank Adamos for the great experience at our year end party.

– Mr. Dave Hall

Athletic Director